Cleaning products Gen5, detoxify, regenerate and rejuvenate your body naturally

Gen5 Health

is a dietary supplement containing bioavailable silicon. It is a unique patented formula that consists of nine very important synergistic minerals in a controlled concentration.

The balanced composition of Gen5 products has a positive effect on the whole body. It makes the bones, muscles and blood vessels healthy, strengthens nails and makes hair grow thicker and firmer. It contributes to the maintenance of healthy joints and strong bones.
Gen5 also has a positive influence on the quality and elasticity of the skin by stimulating collagen and keratin production.

It is recommended to use, Gen5 Health® or even better in conjunction with Gen5 Collagenator®


GEN5 is a unique mineral complex composed of nine essential natural trace and macro elements. Silicon is one of these essential minerals.


More flexible joints

flexibele-gewrichtenGen5 allows for flexible joints and stronger bones.

Stronger nails

sterke-nagelsGen5 strengthens the nails and gives thicker hair.

Smoother skin

jonge huidGen5 strengthens and softens the skin.

No side effects

Gen5 has no known side effects. Gen5 when used according to prescription, is a safe supplement. There are no interactions with other substances known. Some women may, when using a daily dose of more than 4 drops, have gastrointestinal symptoms, in which case the dose should be reduced. We do not recommend Gen5 use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. In few cases, when commencing the ingestion of the drops, complaints may aggravate for a short period of time. This indicates your responding intensely to Gen5. In case this response is inconvenient the recommended dose should be reduced. Might you think you are experiencing a side effect, please report it.  Do not use Gen5 on open wounds or genitals and avoid eye contact!


1. Several silicon supplements are presented on the (Internet) market. Not all of these supplements contain bioavailable silicon but only stabilized silicon particles. Some of these supplements contain synthetic stabilizers which can react with silicic acid.

2. Some of these supplements contain organic silicon compounds which are purely synthetic compounds. (These are banned in Europe)